Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot (Gold Edition)


The all-new GOLD edition is now available! A whimsical, nautical deck filled with sailors, mermaids, galleons and ocean treasure, by Dame Darcy.

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This whimsical, hand-drawn deck has a cartoonish feel and a nautical theme, created by artist, illustrator, musician and practicing witch, Dame Darcy.

The perfect tarot deck for pirates, seafarers, mermaids and teen witches, this deck takes tarot to the seaside and beyond. Expect plenty of fishy tails, sunken treasure, long-haired sirens and camp sailor buys as you navigate the choppy waters of Dame Darcy’s fantastical ocean adventure.

This is the GOLD edition, with gold gilded edges on all cards, remastered images and beautiful heavy weight flip box designed inside and out with a nautical style that compliments the classic Mermaid Tarot card design.


  • 78 tarot cards
  • Presented in a sturdy flip-top box with magnetic closure, illustrated by Dame Darcy to match the deck.
  • Downloadable guide to card meanings: a link will be emailed to you with your order confirmation.


  1. Sandrine (verified owner)

    I love it ! a colorful, happy, and tanned deck! perfect for the summer !!!
    It has a charm, the illustrations are not all of the same quality which gives it a little old side, like a game that we would have found in an old pirate chest !
    I love it !

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