Cosmic Cycles Tarot

A modernized tarot deck that is relatable to today’s society. Featuring diverse characters and beautiful artwork.

We hope to stock this deck soon. Meanwhile, you can find it in the creator’s Etsy shop, here!

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Cosmic Cycles is a storytelling tarot with relatable characters from modern society. Follow Page of Wands as she arrives in a new city where she will meet her new friends and acquaintances. The Cosmic Cycles Tarot is a modern, accessible tarot deck, featuring a diverse cast of characters.

Created by Martina Razo and illustrated by Miriam E.G.

The 16 court cards are the main characters of this deck, and it follows the standard Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot structure. This deck includes a digital, downloadable guidebook.

When I first started reading tarot, I was overwhelmed with having to memorize 78 different card meanings. I thought that it was a complex process and I would never be able to master it. I soon realized that Tarot was not just about memorizing each card, it is about getting to know the energy of that card and finding out how it applies to your life. I later started seeing connections with the card energies and modern society. With those combined, an idea started to brew in my head.

And Cosmic Cycles was born! I wanted to make a Tarot Deck that was unique and trendy, so that people who are reluctant to read on their own, would be inspired to start their Tarot journey. A deck that had story-telling elements and characters that people could admire and relate to. I wanted to combine symbols of Rider Waite’s original designs with current situations in society.

– Creator Michelle Razo

More information and images to follow soon!


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