Circo Tarot


A playful, colourful tarot deck with a circus theme, by Marisa de la Peña.


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The Circo Tarot is a colourful tarot with a circus theme, created by Marisa de la Peña. These illustrations, rendered in bright gouache paint, draw on Marisa’s Mexican heritage, incorporating patterns, symbols and themes from fabric designs, folklore and more. A Little Red Tarot favourite, this deck is both playful in spirit, yet a dependable companion for all kind of readings.

All 78 cards have been reproduced from lovingly hand-painted illustrations onto high quality cardstock. These cheery illustrations have been designed to honour traditional tarot symbolism and themes, yet to present these in a fun and accessible way that all can understand. This is a great deck for beginners (though seasoned tarot readers will love it too!)

This is the 5th edition of The Circo Tarot. This version comes with a new blue back, a 2 piece box, an 8-part accordion booklet and a hand-dyed cotton bag. Each bag is hand-dyed and hand printed with a design selected at random.


  • 78 tarot cards printed on 300gsm card, with gloss lamination and rounded corners
  • 8-page accordion booklet
  • Presented in a sturdy, colourful two-piece box
  • Complete with hand-dyed cotton bag.

Please note, the blue starry cloth shown in some images is my personal reading cloth and is not included with this deck!


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