Botanica Tarot Deck


A sumptuously-illustrated majors-only deck celebrating the language flowers.

Available on back-order


Printing of the Botanica Tarot is on hold in the short term, so we are currently not sure when it will be back. You can back-order and reserve a copy from our next batch, or hop on the #Decklust mailing list to be kept informed.

A gorgeous, colourful, hand-painted Major Arcana deck created by illustrator Kevin J Stanton. Each card combines the symbolism of flowers with the major archetypes of the tarot. These beautiful paintings were originally created with ink and acrylic on wood, giving these cards depth and texture.

“Botanica is a tribute to my love of symbolism and obsession with the language of flowers!”


  • 22 full-colour Major Arcana cards.
  • Presented in a simple box.


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