Blessed Unrest: A Calendar of Small Spells 2018

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An illustrated wall calendar bringing you a small, helpful, beautifully-illustrated spell for each month of 2018.

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Created by sister/artist duo Corina Dross and Jocelyn Mosser, Blessed Unrest is a limited-edition, spiral-bound calendar bringing a small, helpful, beautifully illustrated spell with each new month.

“Blessed Unrest is our seventh collaboration, and our second calendar of small spells. Use it to support you as you move through this year. Each month offers you an image and intention – use them like a lens to focus your energy, or like a prism to broadcast your blessings widely. However you use them, you’re invited to infuse these images with your own dreams and desires. May they help you weave the world you want.”

Calendars are spiral-bound, 8.5×11″ and printed on a crisp, low-gloss stock.

These calendars are always limited-edition, artist-quality printings and they tend to sell out quickly.

“Every year since 2012, Jocelyn and Corina have teamed up to make a limited-edition calendar. Rather than repeat what worked once, they begin each project with new questions and genuine curiosity about what will happen. Their collaborations vary in style each year with their own themes and philosophy.”

Also from Corina Dross: Portable Fortitude, an illustrated deck of playing cards. 


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