A Beautiful Resistance #1: Everything We Already Are


Issue 1: Everything We Already Are

An anticapitalist pagan magazine.

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A journal for the intersection of earth-based spirituality and activism, A Beautiful Resistance places modern paganism in a social, environmental and political context. The essays, poems and artwork in this beautiful magazine challenge capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism, through a spiritual – and hopeful – lens.

Published by non-profit anticapitalist pagan press, Gods and Radicals.

Issue 1: Everything We Already Are

120 pages of poetry, essay, story, images, and theory by T. Thorn Coyle, Silvia Federici, Kadmus, Jonathan Woolley, Nimue Brown, Sajia Sultana, James Lindenschmidt, Fjothr Lokakvan, Lia Hunter, Mandrake, Rhyd Wildermuth, P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Lo, Anthony Rella, Niki Whiting, Judith O’Grady, Al Cummins, Christopher Scott Thompson, Margaret Killjoy, Heathen Chinese, Sean Donahue, Pegi Eyers, Chris Worlow, Aaron Shenewolf, Wespennest, Loïs Cordelia, Finnchuill, Virgilio Rivas, Yvonne Aburrow & Lorna Smithers.

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