The Apprentice Tarot Study Deck

An innovative study deck designed to allow even new readers to get useful and personal tarot readings.

We no longer stock this deck. It is available from the creator’s shop: Germ’s Curio Shop.

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The Apprentice Tarot is the study tarot deck designed to help you learn while also feeling involved with the cards. each card is simply illustrated and contains keywords to help you learn and remember card meanings. A fantastic gift for new tarot students, and for tarot educators looking for accessible teaching aids!

Each card includes upright and reversed definitions, elemental correspondences, suit keywords, and color-coded borders, in a minimally obtrusive design leaving space for bold images to aid in memorization and sense of involvement during the reading.

“My goal is to provide a tarot deck that beginners can use without sacrificing aesthetic value for clarity, at a price that people can afford. Each card contains upright and reversed definitions, suit color coding, suit keywords, and elemental correspondences. Take a look below!

I have tried to create the deck I wish had existed when I was first learning so that people who may have a lot to gain from learning the cards don’t become discouraged by the steep learning curve (which I did several times!)”

– Germ (deck creator)


  1. Elina

    I love the colours, cardstock, messages and the superp magnetic closure box. I love the fact that there are reversed meanings!!! Very good for learning. However the text is handritten and it has very small font… I wish it were more clear and bigger in font, it really disturbs me sometimes. I think the initial idea about the gilding would have put this deck to a completely different leven, but oh well…

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