Anima Mundi Tarot


A beautiful, fine-art tarot inspired by natural biodiversity, by Megan Wyreweden.


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In this beautiful nature-based deck, painter Megan Wyreweden draws inspiration from the biodiversity of planet earth – plants, landscapes, insects, birds and animals – to create a unique, fine-art tarot. “Anima Mundi” is a Latin term which loosely translates to “the world’s soul.” Originally coined by Plato, it is the belief that all living things on this planet are connected as a single spiritual entity.

Each card design was hand painted in acrylics in 2017, on a small tarot-sized piece of canvas board.

The cards measure 2.75 x 4.75″ (70 x 120mm), and are printed on high-quality 350gsm matte cardstock with a linen finish, and gilded on the edges with gold foil. They come housed in a sturdy two-part box with matte laminate finish. There is an accompanying 53-page guidebook for each deck, with an intro to tarot readings, individual card meanings, and suggested tarot spreads.

Third edition.


  • Full 78-card tarot deck following the traditional structure. Cards measure 2.75 x 4.75″ 350gsm matte cardstock with a linen finish and gold gilded edges.
  • 53-page guidebook with card interpretations, introductory notes and spreads.
  • Presented in a beautiful, sturdy keepsake box (please note this box has gold gilded writing, not the white shown in the photographs.)



  1. Rebecca Pratt

    This was the first deck I really bonded with. A friend bought it as a gift form LRT for me and it’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry. The imagery is stunning and emotive. I love that there are no people. People free decks feel so much better for me and I am genuinely fond of some of the little friends I’ve made in this deck.
    Thanks so much for my first Tarot love!
    LRT is by far the best tarot supplier in the uk in my opinion and I will always try to buy from such an awesome company!

    • Beth

      Baww, thank you Rebecca!

  2. Claire Woodhouse (verified owner)

    I am in love with the designs on these cards. They are beautiful. I love the gold edges! I was also really impressed with the service from Little Red Tarot – the delivery was quick, communication good and the packaging was lovely. Can’t wait to get started

  3. silkandink (verified owner)

    This is my first deck and I’m in love. Very intuitive and beautiful, easy to connect with since the heteronormative gender bias is erased with the fauna and flora imagery. Sometimes hard to read the classical symbolism, since lots of it is lacking in the art. On the other hand, this makes for a more personal touch, removing the limits of traditional connotations.
    Overall, a wonderful, high quality deck and very pleasing to use.

  4. ?? ? (verified owner)

    I ordered it on the 18th of Korean time and received it today morning on the 31st. I also ordered this card and Oracle, and thank you for packing them both safely in bubble bags.

    • Beth

      So glad it reached you quickly and safely. Enjoy your new decks!

  5. Anninyn

    A friend and I went in on the kickstarter of this deck together. It’s a beautiful deck and the use of animals and plants reduces issues of gender essentialism, heteronormativity, and racial bias. Each of the cards started life as an original painting and even in the reprinting of those images you get a feel and a sense of the depth and texture of physical art. I love reading this for personal readings,

  6. Sergi

    An interesting clone on the wild unknown)

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