Amor Fati: On Divination Guidebook


A guide to divination and the Talisman Tarot, by Oli Thalassinos.

First edition.

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Authored by tarot artist Oli Thalassinos, The Amor Fati book is an instructional treatise on divination, both a guide to divination with the Talisman Tarot (with applicability to Tarot de Marseille decks more generally) & a map to exploring divination as an embodiment of the principle of amor fati, or love of fate, loving what is unfolding, becoming worthy of what happens.

If you’ve been stymied by Tarot de Marseilles decks or left cold by overly-rigid systems, Amor Fati will ignite a slow-burning fire in your heart for the power of this style of reading. Want to learn most how to do the most deeply rhythmic, lucid, stunningly & stingingly accurate readings, how to use Tarot as a tool for greater trust & manifest delight? Treat yourself or a beloved to the Amor Fati book.

Printed with stellar quality on the East Coast USA, bound with a magic-drenched cover and gorgeous hand-feel pages: this is a talismanic text to treasure.

Here’s a very brief excerpt to whet your appetite:

“Divination is a practice of discernment, of alignment, of attunement & tuning up. Getting good at it entices you to become impeccable, clean, razor’s edge sharp, even if only in that interval of reading. Ultimately the aim is increasingly impeccable action— otherwise, why bother to inquire? Divination as the practice of honing practical wisdom.

With the Talisman Tarot, divination is absolutely not a fear-based grasping prediction of predestined ends: coarse chicanery subbing in the illusion of predetermination for faith in divine unfolding. Rather, practical divination is a useful, pragmatic, and spiritually clarifying practice: the ‘fortune’ that is told is that of weaving and being woven by fate, those forces that enable, constrain, & exceed our own agency…”

  • 35 pages
  • This is a self-published book, and the quality is not perfect! Books may have a little ‘chipping’ on the corner/spine.
  • Printed in the USA.


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