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A lovely hand screen-printed tarot or altar cloth decorated with moths, moons, bones and branches.

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A hand silk-screenprinted tarot or altar cloth created by Stasia Burrington, creator of the Sasuraibito Tarot.

With gorgeous moth and moon designs in black on white cotton, this simple cloth makes a beautiful backdrop to your tarot spreads or your altar (or a wonderful witchy bandana!)

A lovely companion to the Sasuraibito Tarot, this cloth can actually be used with any deck – it bears no words or symbols linking it specifically to one deck. In the centre is a large, circular void – a moon, new or full, or dark, restful space for your own intuition. Moths adorn the cloth’s corners, each guarding symbols of the four tarot suits. Twelve phases of the moon, along with bones, branches, flowers, leaves and berries, form a circle to frame your spread.

“Four Death’s-head Hawkmoths flank a starry-night sky center, woven together with Forget-me-not flower vines. The four corners contain the four tarot suits: Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles. The design is also subdivided into 12 sections, partitioned by bones. This is useful for spreads having to do with time: hours, or months.

The Japanese word: “sasuraibito” most closely translates to “wanderer.” It’s an old-fashioned literary term that is falling out of use, meant to describe a person ever-seeking, searching for a place of healing and refuge.”

– Stasia Burrington

  • The cloth measures 21.5″ x 21.5″ (54.6 x 54.6 cm) square
  • 100% cotton
  • Screenprinted by hand

Note: Tarot cards and other items shown in some pictures are not included! These images are from a blog post by Beth showing a recent altar.


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