Obsidian Moon’s astro self-care workbooks will set you up for 2018

This is a guest post shared by Jaliessa of Obsidian Moon Astrology and Whitney of Flora Lucent Herbals. 

Editor’s note: These workbooks are wonderful and you should definitely get one for your sign!

What we have created is a tool for moving through the deeper and darker days of Winter, a season that often comes with a lot of transitions and emotions. I love the idea of connecting astrology with plant medicine and guiding people on how to work with these two unique practices in an accessible and exciting way.

The astrological and herbal Self-Care Workbooks were a project inspired by the need for an active and accessible way for people to participate in Astrology and herbalism.

Spanning from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox, these digital offerings are abundant guides through the deeply transformative and challenging season of winter, into the fertile and energizing season of Spring.

The workbooks are self-guided and provide autonomy and independence around caring for oneself with some of the best tools we have at our disposal: meditation, visioning, journaling and creating things to heal our bodies with our own hands. The Self-Care movement visible in the mainstream often lacks a practical, nuanced application of practices that are regenerative for our spirits, bodies and brains. Through these offerings, we wanted to address all three.

My approach to Astrology has always been to make it as hands-on and approachable as possible.

As I say on my website, I want to find a way to translate the ancient language that is Astrology into slang anyone can use in their everyday life. I believe Astrology to be a profound guiding light and it is imperative that the direction it provides is accessible to all. The workbooks I have co-created provide detailed and personalized Astrological information for each month that goes way beyond your standard horoscope. The information ranges from pin-pointed dates of increased potency for all matters of love, work and self, meditation questions and affirmations to help you best capitalize on that energy, keywords, information on the moon cycles and more.

In terms of the herbal knowledge and recipes, my colleague, friend and certified herbalist, Whitney Staeb of Flora Lucent herbals, was the herb-brain behind the physical health component of this project. She has such a beautiful and unique relationship to plants and I knew I could trust her to do the Astrological information justice with her herbal contributions. When asked about her relationship to this project, she said:

“Self-care is broad and deep and means something different to everyone. These guides combine different elements of self-care in the form of journaling, meditating, vision-boarding, affirmations and working with plant medicine to heal ourselves, our communities, and the land on which we all live.

What we have created is a tool for moving through the deeper and darker days of Winter, a season that often comes with a lot of transitions and emotions. I love the idea of connecting astrology with plant medicine and guiding people on how to work with these two unique practices in an accessible and exciting way.

Using plants as medicine for our physical and emotional bodies is a way we can better connect with ourselves, our ancestors, and the natural world. Highlighting one plant each month allows readers to dive a littler deeper into working with that plant’s medicine and encourages forming a relationship with the plant as a living being. Plants show up for people in many different ways and by working with them for a longer period of time, we are better able to learn from them rather than just about them.

Bridging the gap between the cosmic world and the earthly plant world, these Self-care workbooks can be used as a tool for self-discovery as we work to re-connect with ourselves, the stars and with the plants that surround us. Each and every one of us possesses our own unique magic and medicine and I hope that these guides support people in honoring both their light and their dark for that is where true healing can come through.”

Whitney not only provides the medicinal information for each plant but also explains the plant’s connection to history, myth and magic. She uses herbs that most people have in their kitchen cabinet or have growing in their yard. She encourages multiple ways to connect with each plant in addition to the simple, yet detailed, recipes she supplies.

The herbal write-ups are birthed from the Astrological essence of each month and both forms of ancient information weave through and inform one another.

Whitney and I have poured over this project for months. We wanted to provide the most useful and accessible channeled information and tools that would be both timeless and timely. This project comes from a deep love for both of our specialized knowledge and practices and an even deeper commitment to their dissemination. These guides are full of magic, intention and care and we hope readers find inspiration and healing through the themes and words we have weaved.

Check out the workbooks for each zodiac sigh here!

About the authors

Jaliessa Sipress is a life-path Astrologer, writer and artist committed to de-coding the language of the stars. Her goal is to make Astrology an accessible, invigorating tool for navigation and healing. To learn more about her, her work or to book a private reading, visit obsidianmoonastrology.com.

Whitney is a clinical western herbalist, medicine maker and birth & postpartum doula. She sees herbal medicine as an accessible and holistic form of healthcare that focuses on the individual and their needs. Working collaboratively with clients, she strives to encourage and empower each person to find healing, not only through plant medicine but also within themselves. Whitney focuses primarily on women’s generative/reproductive health and works as a birth and postpartum doula. She is also part of the faculty at the Ohlone Herbal Center where she works as a medicine maker and teacher. She can be contacted via floralucentherbals.com.

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