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Oh no, another email list!

Yep. But this is the kind you actually want to get. Bits & Bobs is a weekly(ish) round-up of everything that’s new at Little Red Tarot. Catch up with the latest blog posts, check out what’s new in the shop, meet new writers and learn more about those you know and love. Plus news from the witchyqueer community, tarot tips and resources, links from around the web, and heaps more!

Come for the tarot news, stay for the cat pictures and hard-left politics.

are you kidding me Beth, how much more perfect can this newsletter become??
omg you totally made my sunday, everything about this newsletter is amazing apart from it not being longer!
this is giving me all the energy and input i need today.
what you do is such an important part of me rediscovering my political agency right now, you have no idea.

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