Joamette Gil

Joamette (she/her) is a queer Afro-Cuban illustrator, cartoonist, and writer from the Miami diaspora.

Her interdisciplinary degree in social justice and psychology gave her a language to identify the socioeconomic inequities her mom always called “la vida.” Now she works everyday to create her own language – a combination of images, words, and digital technologies – to tell the stories she was always waiting for.

Her illustrations are a bold, vibrant interplay between arresting colors and emotionally charged brush work. Similarly, her writing blends the personal and the political by rehumanizing the people traditional media renders invisible. She believes in the healing nature of narratives that reflect their readers’ lives and identities, and the empowering effects of having epic heroes that look just like you. Injustice, community, and “everyday-people-with-extraordinary-powers” are the major themes that drive her storytelling and cartooning.

Find Joamette at and explore more of her books and comics at Power & Magic Press!

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