Capricorn Sun | Leo Moon | Cancer Rising

Sun is a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She identifies as Ace/Pan, as well as queer. Sun is the creator of the Oriens Tarot deck and guidebook.

Find Sun online @orienstarot.

About Sun’s art & practice…

I would like for my illustrations to be able to tell stories that gives hope and heals. I hope that in the future I’ll be able to create more narrative illustrations that would inspire others to pursue their own truth.

I grew up with buddhist teachings and I have continued to practice meditation to seek clarity of my thoughts and burning incense to give thanks to everything the universe has provided.

I used to work full time as a Graphic Designer but I’ve now transitioned to become a freelance Illustrator. I always start my pieces by sketching traditionally. Once I have a clear idea on what I would like to do, I move the sketch to the computer to finish digitally.

Favourite tarot card? The fool. It’s such an optimistic card and for a realist like me, it’s the attitude I need more in life.

Favourite tarot deck? I can’t get the Prisma vision deck out of my mind. It always has a special place in my heart.

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