Alejandra Luisa León


Leo Sun | Aries Moon | Aquarius Rising

Alejandra is a collage artist and creatrix of The Lioness Oracle Tarot, Vision of the Muse and The Stars Divine decks. She identifies as an Ecuadorian native, and lives in the US. Find her online at, and @thelionessoracle.

About Alejandra’s art and practice…

I am a paper collage artist. I recycle old discarded magazines and create images with them. I set the tone for my art practice with tea, music, incense and candles. My practice began as a healing space for grief and trauma, and evolved into a business. The core is still about healing myself, but I am so grateful that others have found meaning in my work. The many people I have met through this practice has fostered loving connection.

So far in my practice, I have utilized my floor or my table as a workspace. I would love to have an art studio someday, and am considering a move to somewhere more affordable so I can make that dream a reality.

Favourite tarot card? The Empress

Favourite tarot deck? The Enchanted Tarot

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