Category: Ways of working

Here’s where I keep posts about approaches to work and getting things done as a solo business owner, a freelancer and a plate-spinner. Don’t expect ‘productivity tips’ (I shudder at the thought) – this is more about my experience of finding and maintaining enthusiasm for projects, and different methods I’ve used to get things done.

Temperance be my guide

Suddenly, as a person who’s life has become incredibly single tracked, and as someone who wants to bring variety, creativity and, yes, the elusive concept of balance back into her life, Temperance is looking pretty damn good.

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I need a dose of reality

In recent weeks, I’ve felt very quiet. Not in that good – though often destabilising – introspective way, where you purposefully take time out to sit with thoughts and feelings. More in a sad way. I’ve felt low, listless, unenthused. At moments I’ve wondered if I’m hovering on the edge of a depression that’s been …

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However I damn well please – Nine of Pentacles

I’ve been making some changes to the way I work lately. After a strange summer of shifting emotions and a feeling that I’d lost myself somewhere along the way, and the unfamiliar experience of simply allowing those shifts to happen rather than leaping to articulate or capture them, September brought clarity, and a climax. In …

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On writing retreats

I’m a big fan of retreating. Of carving out a special, dedicated space for a specific task or focus. I’m not a natural multi-tasker, but by virtue of the fact that most of my work is online, every time I sit down at my desk to work, I’m faced with a billion potential distractions. If …

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