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Apathy, action and the Four of Cups

Apathy is an odd feeling. It can creep up on you unawares. Like, one day you’re pootling along merrily, getting stuck in to this and that, and a week later…everything seems… duller. Less interesting. You don’t feel that bolt of excitement any more. What? Yesterday I wrote about getting excited about projects, and getting things done. …

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Song of water and fire

The truth is, I’ve been in a bad mood for weeks. Waking up with an inexplicable crossness each morning, as if there were two sides to my bed and it was even possible to have a ‘wrong side’. And if I’m not angry, I’m sad, and tired. Can’t open my eyes, can’t wake up, can’t …

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True love – Two of Bottles

This is love. It’s not The Lovers, it’s not the Ace of Cups. For me, it’s the Two – of cups, bottles, chalices, water – that really represents what love feels like when you make it real. What’s happening is an exchange. This version of love is like, you hold this cup, this bottle, which …

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Hold fast – The Star

What’s your North Star? By this I mean, what one thing would you know you could hold onto when everything else was falling apart? Not a partner, a lover, a friend, a pet – I’m talking about something deep inside you. An unchanging, untouchable essence of your self. The light of truth you carry within you. For …

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What’s your element?


Earth, air, fire or water? Each of us is made up of these elements – we are a constantly-changing blend of all four. But sometimes, to make something happen, move forwards, press pause or manage our lives, we need to bring in a little extra of one or another. That’s why I created my four …

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The elements of the year

As we move from summer into autumn I feel myself becoming more aware of seasons – both external and internal. I feel more sensitive to the changes taking place around me, but also within myself. The joyous bounding around and fiery energy of summer is fading with the warmth of those months, to be replaced by …

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Seasonal shift – fire into water

The Woodward - from the Wildwood Tarot

We’re approaching my favourite time of year. When summer begins to fade…mornings are crisp and cold, I can see my breath, there’s mist on the canal but it’s bright. The air quality is changing and it’s just so beautiful. In the Wildwood Tarot (and in many other decks), each season has a corresponding suit. The accompanying Wildwood Tarot …

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Let it be – Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

On holiday last week, the Nine of Cups surprised me by turning up in a reading as the ‘souvenir’ I would be taking home (you can read the full reading here) but, as sun-blasted Catalan days crept by its meaning has gradually emerged. I was using the Wild Unknown Tarot – this Nine of Cups shows a simple …

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Four elements jewellery

Earth element necklace

In  January, I needed more earth in my life. My new(ish) boat was leaking and I was struggling to ‘nest’, much as I wanted to. I felt stressed out by the place that was supposed to be my sanctuary. I felt I was lacking the element of earth, I couldn’t ground myself, couldn’t find strength …

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Master your emotions – King of Cups

The King of Cups, from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White

Here’s an interesting fellow – the King of Cups. I often think of this card – particularly the Waite-Smith version – as indicating an unhealthy level of restraint, with the stern-looking king sitting on his concrete plinth, unable to dip his toes in the water that surrounds him. He’s like some kind of rigid grandfather-type – …

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The well of love – Page of Cups

Gaddings Dam Page of Cups

Daily draw - 30th June 2011 Ah, the Page of Cups. Seeker of true emotion and compassion - true love. The Page of Cups, from the Anna K Tarot, by Anna Klaffinger. I chose him for myself for the coming weekend, the moving house weekend, as a represe...

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