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Your to-do list – Eight of Wands

Powerful, energetic, direct, and full-on. The Eight of Wands represents a bunch of different things to me, all of which feel really relevant today. NB – I’m excited to have drawn today’s card from The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro – hot off the press, this stunning new deck arrived last night and …

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Draw near to the hearth – Eight of Bows

What is a hearth, to you? Is it an image of the fireside, cats curled in the glow? A bonfire, a beach fire, a fireplace? Friends gathered around… or flickering solitude? Rubbing your hands to get warm, or curled in a blanket with a book and a whiskey? However you go fireside, now is the season …

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More joy, less shame – Ten of Wands

I realise that I am stuck in a rut right now. I realise that I’m uncharacteristically inert. Between buying a boat and becoming self-employed – both of which on the outside look like very busy, very ‘doing’ things, part of myself has slipped away, leaving me feeling kinda blank. Which part? The part that feel JOY, …

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Start a fire – Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands tarot card

Sexy, strong, charismatic, brave. The Queen of Wands is a fire-starting inspiration. I made a goddess for my love – a split-skirted figure with a blinding bolt in her raised hand. Manifestation, beginning from love. I need this lady’s fire and crackle right now. Winter is harsh and grey and dulls the senses. On clear days …

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Lightening strikes – Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands, from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White

What a peaceful power is this. The strong, silent type. Piercing eyes, strong hand outstretched, offering lightening. Knights are tarot’s teenagers – untamed, enthusiastic, obsessive, vital. This bear, though, from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White, carries a wisdom beyond his years. White suggests that the bear is not the Knight of Wands… the lightening itself …

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Magic wands

tarot wands fire

So! 2013. A year I've decided will be characterised by hard work, being even more broke and still having a lot of fun. Awesome. Without wanting to go into detail here and now, there's a big project brewing - perhaps not huge by other peoples' stan...

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This is me – Seven of Wands

This is me - Seven of Wands

Daily draw - 9th February 2012 Staying with Charissa Drengsen's Steampunk Tarot for another night, today I drew the intriguing Seven of Wands. I gazed at it in confusion for a while, wondering what message it was giving me, and how I could link it...

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