Category: Boundaries

A kinder Two of Swords

Two of Swords (from the Gorgon's Tarot)

I often see the Two of Swords as being emotionally closed-off, self-protective to the point of a deep and solitary sadness. But Dolores takes a kinder approach in her description of this card, suggesting that this woman has purposefully and perhaps wisely withdrawn in order to think through a difficult predicament.

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One – Nine of Pentacles

My friend dancing alone at a party. for Nine of Pentacles tarot card

What one card would you pick for being alone? For loving yourself, for being happy in your own company? I’ve just got home from a one-act, one-actor, one-monologue play by Jaye Kearney; it’s called One. In it, the one character, a ‘singleton’, talks us through the thoughts, the insecurities, the inner demons and finally the defiant …

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Tarot cards for protection and boundaries

Strength tarot card illustration by Mihaela Paraschivu

Whether they intend it or not, other people have the power to hurt us. ‘Hurt people hurt people’, as they say – and there are times when it’s neccessary to protect ourselves from the pain of others. There are plenty of ways to do this. For the magikally inclined, spells, visualisations and rituals can help. …

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