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Posts about making a living from tarot (and other magical activities!)

On writing retreats

I’m a big fan of retreating. Of carving out a special, dedicated space for a specific task or focus. I’m not a natural multi-tasker, but by virtue of the fact that most of my work is online, every time I sit down at my desk to work, I’m faced with a billion potential distractions. If …

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Follow Your Arrow: My new solopreneur series on Autostraddle!

I’m so excited! Today, my new solopreneur series – Follow Your Arrow – started on Autostraddle! It’s a fortnightly celebration of LGBTQ solopreneurs, business-owners, side-hustlers and others who want to earn a living doing the things they love. The first post features an interview with yours truly, so you’ll get to read all about how …

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Reading tarot on the road

What do you actually need to do a tarot reading? A tarot deck, nothing more. Perhaps you’d also add a notebook, or laptop if you’re emailing readings or recording stuff digitally, a mobile if you’re giving phone readings. I have all of those things right here in my handbag, so it follows that I can do …

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Earth, self-care and a studio

Last week, I finally found a studio. You can probably hear my sigh of relief on the other side of the world. It was the gardeners’ storage room till Em and I cleared it last week. I love my tarot work, and I love that it’s portable, flexible, do-able from anywhere…including my little boat. But after two …

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