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True love – Two of Bottles

This is love. It’s not The Lovers, it’s not the Ace of Cups. For me, it’s the Two – of cups, bottles, chalices, water – that really represents what love feels like when you make it real. What’s happening is an exchange. This version of love is like, you hold this cup, this bottle, which …

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They call it way too rowdy, we call it finally free

GayBiGayGay is a one day queer family reunion that takes place every year in Austin, TX. It’s held on the last day of a monolithic hipster-fest you may have heard of called South by Southwest (scroll right to the bottom for some thoughts on SXSW, consumerism and queer representation at music festivals.) I think these pics can speak …

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Love is Strange

Em and I spent Valentine’s Day moving in together. As in, officially. We’ve shared space before, but never called it ‘moving in’, and we’ve never not each had our own personal boltholes. But with Swallow (my boat) sold and both of us out of town for big chunks of 2015, it felt like the right time …

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Happy birthday! A present for you

A collage showing tiny star, moon and sun cards, lightening bolts leaping out of an anatomical heart, a black woman holding a large key, three biblical-looking characters sitting on the ground talking and the words we love you repeated twice. At the bottom is a mountain range and a lake, with a cut-and-paste boat with paper windmills for sails, and the words 'crossing the deep red sea'. The whole collage is stuck onto a piece of ragged musical manuscript.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! So I made you a present. It’s a collage! About you and me and us and how I want to have fun with you guys this year. Here it is: Why a tarot collage? It started with a post on Papirmass – an affordable art project which connects people and artists …

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Losing Billie

Yesterday was Billie’s birthday. She would’ve been seven years old…or 49 in human years. The prime of her life, I’d say…though she was an eternal puppy at heart. But last Sunday, after a totally normal morning with a nice long walk, a trip to the shops and a snooze on the sofa, she suffered a massive …

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Honeymoon supermoon

So Emma and I had a civil partnership. It wasn’t really planned, but paperwork so that we can legally both be parents of the kid/s we’re planning on having. For the months beforehand I consistently went on about how it was ‘just bureaucracy’ and how it didn’t mean anything about our relationship. It was booked …

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Feel the love – Three of Bottles

I’m tired, sunburned, hungover, and very happy. I’ve just got back from my dear friend’s hen weekend and feel like my well has been well and truly filled. Twelve of us in a field by the sea, some tents, some drinks, a ridiculous amount of food. A rock ‘n’ roll dance, a few trips to …

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The ‘Go Get Her’ tarot spread

Go Get Her tarot spread

Here’s a li’l spread I made up for fun the other day while writing a ‘create your own tarot spread’ exercise for Autostraddle’s Tarot School… I’ve called it the ‘Go Get Her’ spread and it is designed to help you work out how to shoot stingingly-sexy arrows of love and lust into any desired heart. …

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Puffball circus filled my heart with love


I went to the circus and cried my little eyes out. This wasn’t ladies on horseback and fire-jumping tigers. It wasn’t clowns and slapstick either. It was a different kind of circus. The kind where every performer identifies as LGBTQ. The kind where body shapes are diverse and gender is fluid and performances defy your …

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How queer is the Steampunk Tarot?

Queer Steampunk Tarot

Pretty queer, it would seem. Following a fun discussion over on Autostraddle, I thought I’d share my favourite cards in the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell. First things first – every single character in this entire deck is very white and very thin. So it’s not what you would call a diverse tarot. …

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Tarot for relationships

tarot for relationships

A commonly-asked tarot question is ‘does XXX love me?’ Me? I turn these questions down. It’s against my policy to read (and darn impossible) for anyone who has not consented to a tarot reading. But if you feel differently, or better still, you have the other person/people present, here’s a neat spread you can try out …

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Little Wolfie – my Page of Pentacles

This tiny gorgeous furry dude is Wolfie. My amazing little adventurer, my badass mousecatcher, my diry stopout. He is two years old and a dear, dear friend. I love him with all of my heart. Right now, he’s fighting for his life at the vets in Halifax – he’s been poisoned by *something* he ate …

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