Category: Face Up Tarot

Face Up Tarot is a series by Siobhan Rene

When we lie face up, we are exposed. With our bellies facing the sky we lay open to whatever may befall us, be it travesty or ecstasy. With our backs against the ground we limit our options for avoidance or escape. We are poised to receive. Is it possible that in this position we might be more ready to listen to ourselves more deeply?

When we draw a card face up, consciously choosing the card rather than pulling at random, we lie face up to ourselves, belly up, backs against our realities. We are poised to receive our own stories, to affirm our lived experience, our present moment truth. Where is there to go, without the distraction of the future or the unknown, but into the depths of our own knowing? From this vantage point, we own each card, each card meaning, each life decision, and the beliefs that inform it all.