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Scarcity, sand and soup

This morning, I drew cards from three decks. A tarot card, (then another,) from The Collective Tarot. An oracle card, from Dori Midnight’s Dirty Tarot. And a crystal card from the Crystal Portraits deck: Five of Bones Here’s a card I’ve seen in my own readings fairly regularly over the past year. In The Collective …

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Four of Bones

This card wants me. The building of a safe space, withdrawal, reserve. Safety in solitude, in four walls to protect you and solid ground to stand on, enough food and maybe nothing more.

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Hold fast – The Star

What’s your North Star? By this I mean, what one thing would you know you could hold onto when everything else was falling apart? Not a partner, a lover, a friend, a pet – I’m talking about something deep inside you. An unchanging, untouchable essence of your self. The light of truth you carry within you. For …

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Interviewing the Collective Tarot

We finally meet. After years of ogling others’ Collective Tarot decks, I’m so happy I now have my own. I’m gonna sit here, on this gorgeously bright Wednesday morning, with a bowl of porridge and a good strong coffee, and ask these cards all about how we’re going to get along…. 1. Tell me about yourself. …

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Feel the love – Three of Bottles

I’m tired, sunburned, hungover, and very happy. I’ve just got back from my dear friend’s hen weekend and feel like my well has been well and truly filled. Twelve of us in a field by the sea, some tents, some drinks, a ridiculous amount of food. A rock ‘n’ roll dance, a few trips to …

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