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Blog posts about running a spiritual business

I read ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ so you don’t have to

The main aim of this book is to show you how to adopt the smug, hyper-masculine, colonialist attitude of the obnoxious dudebro who wrote it. Read more

Just let’s not call these ‘productivity tips’

But. As freelancers, activists, business owners, side-hustlers, volunteers and students sometimes we all need to stop procrastinating and do the thing. Read more

Identity politics in tarot: the tarot practitioner be mindful

A guest post shared by Benebell Wen. Guest posts on Little Red Tarot are submitted by readers. The aim is to offer a wide range… Read more

Not a full deck #1: Removing ‘scary’ cards from your tarot deck

If you’re reading to entertain people – at a party, for example – should you remove the scary-looking cards from your tarot deck and keep… Read more

How I do email tarot readings

I do most of my tarot readings by email – which surprises many people. Here’s how I do it. Read more

Cleaning Up Your ‘Money is Dirty’ Mind – by Theresa Reed

[Guest post] Want to go pro? Already run a tarot business? Here are The Tarot Lady’s top tips for making peace with making money from… Read more

Q&A: How to take your first steps into professional tarot

So a whole bunch of you want to know how to ‘go pro’ And by this I’m thinking you’re not asking me how to build… Read more

How we approach email tarot readings

Providing tarot readings is an honour and a joy. Here’s how to stop it turning from something you love into another way to be stressed,… Read more

What does a feminist business look like? Exploring ‘abundance consciousness’

Can abundance be its own economy? Read more

Earth, self-care and a studio

Last week, I finally found a studio. You can probably hear my sigh of relief on the other side of the world. It was the gardeners’… Read more

Navigating the road blocks to getting started with a Tarot business

[Guest post] Reader SJ on their experiences in ‘following their dreams’ whilst dealing with disability. Read more

Mental Illness & Entrepreneurship – Owning Nonstandard Narratives

[Guest post] “Living with mental illness gives me an awareness of the separation between my beliefs and actual reality. I think this is an advantage.” Read more

Reading tarot on the road

What do you actually need to do a tarot reading? A tarot deck, nothing more. Perhaps you’d also add a notebook, or laptop if you’re… Read more

Five business lessons I learned last year

A few things I learned which have really helped me in being a self-employed, freelancing, project-juggling, home-working, entrepreneurial tarot reader and writer. Read more

selling your art online

Selling your art, visibly, online

First published in The Chapess #4 – an issue dedicated to the concept of taking up space as a woman and an artist. Read more

Follow Your Arrow: My new solopreneur series on Autostraddle!

I’m so excited! Today, my new solopreneur series – Follow Your Arrow – started on Autostraddle! It’s a fortnightly celebration of LGBTQ solopreneurs, business-owners, side-hustlers… Read more

How to be of service as a tarot reader

Tarot reading advice that often goes unsaid or is merely implied in regards to being of service to others. Read more

Design tips for tarot bloggers

Do you write a tarot blog (or actually, any kind of blog)? Want to make it prettier? One thing about which I get *a lot* of… Read more

What’s in my tarot bag? Things you might not think to bring to a client reading

Wren is embracing Tarot as a lifestyle at this dark moon in Pisces. Read more

Pictures of awesome queer people doing tarot readings at A-Camp

How to protect your boundaries when reading tarot for your friends

Reading tarot for your friends can be a complex thing, and it’s worth figuring out some boundaries and ground rules first. Read more

Wild Unknown Tarot - The Chariot

The Chariot – the heart and soul in your work

Wondering whether to begin a new business venture recently, I drew The Chariot. I was at the stage of writing my proposal – up to… Read more

Solopreneurs explore mental/health barriers and positive ways forwards

Mental health, illness and disability are rarely discussed in the clamour of entrepreneurship blogs. Enter you guys! Here are four entrepreneurial stories which dearly need… Read more

Tarot readers: it’s okay to take a break

As tarot readers, it’s an honour to give our clients focused time and energy. But it’s okay, too, to take a break when you need… Read more

Want to read tarot at an event? Here’s my advice

If you’re planning on reading tarot at an upcoming event or party, here are my tips to help things go smoothly. Read more

Tarot and the imposter complex: How to deal when you don’t believe in yourself

Liz Worth explores how Imposter Complex can stop you from achieving the things you want, and finds advice in the Chariot card. Read more

INTERVIEW | Fonna Seidu on real representation in spirituality & wellbeing

“I want to work myself out of a job.” Photographer Fonna Seidu is breaking barriers and changing the visual landscape of health and wellness online. Read more

On writing retreats

I’m a big fan of retreating. Of carving out a special, dedicated space for a specific task or focus. I’m not a natural multi-tasker, but… Read more

How Restorative Journaling Helped My Business to Flourish (Despite Chronic Illness)

Writer Esme Wang on the challenges chronic illness can bring to running a business, and how she writes her way to empowerment and success. Read more

What do tarot readers do all day?

Oh you know, we sit in darkened rooms communing with the spirit world. Not really! Here’s a peek at a day in the life of… Read more

web design for tarot readers

Are you a tarot reader? Looking for a website?

I’m your gal. Four Elements Web Design is my other big passion besides tarot – this is the place where I get to geek out with… Read more

My favourite tarot spreads for client readings

A few handy tarot spreads I find really useful for all kinds client readings. Read more

Write for Little Red Tarot

I know what an interesting bunch you are because you’re always emailing and telling me! And I’m always secretly hoping that one day you’re going… Read more

Diversity points: Ashley & I talk queerness and blackness in tarot

A double-round of interviews for you! Here’s Ashley talking about her tarot business and how her Black heritage informs her tarot practice. Read more

Planning backwards tarot spread

Over 40 exercises for tarot blog inspiration

Do you write a tarot blog or journal? If so, the Alternative Tarot Course is just made for you – it’s packed with over 40… Read more