Author: Esme Weijun Wang

Esmé Weijun Wang is a novelist, essayist, and advocate. At, she provides resources for aspiring writers to develop resilience alongside mastery on the path to building a creative legacy.

She teaches and supports with a high value for compassionate excellence, having learned the importance of resilience from a life with schizoaffective disorder and neuroborreoliosis. Wang studied creative writing and psychology at Yale and Stanford, and received her MFA in Writing from the top-tier program at the University of Michigan. The author of THE BORDER OF PARADISE (2016), as well as the e-book LIGHT GETS IN, Wang has been published and seen in Salon, The New Inquiry, the New Yorker Online, Jezebel, and The New York Times. She delights in organizational tools, handwritten letters, and her home base of San Francisco. Find her e-letter, as well as the complimentary Creative Legacy Check-In, at