Author: Alexis J Cunningfolk

Alexis J. Cunningfolk (she/her/they) is an intersectional herbalist, magickal mentor, and weaver of remedies at Worts + Cunning Apothecary. She helps folks radically re-enchant their lives through herbal medicine and magickal arts.

When Alexis was twelve years old, she bought her first tarot deck and so started her journey to becoming the deep tarot nerd she is today. As a queer nonbinary womxn of mix-d heritage, she revels in the powerful intersections of ancestral wisdom, social justice, and plant healing. She offers online and in-person classes, including
The Lunar Apothecary
and The Tarot Apothecary, as well as free resources on her blog and magickal insight through her newsletter. You’ll find Alexis most often on instagram, taking photos of tea and waxing poetically about life as a witch.