Gift ideas: For the astrology-lover in your life

Alongside our awesome collection of tarot and oracle decks, we’re also proud to stock a great range of independently-published astrology resources!

Here are some gift ideas for the star-gazing lunar witch in your life :)

Living Wheel Astrology Cards

This unique deck is an incredible aid for astrology learners, with cards for the planetary bodies, houses, seasons, lunar phases, and more. I’m planning on finally getting into astrology studies in 2020, and this deck, with it’s gorgeous black and gold marbled cards, will be at the core of my learning. It’s stunning.


The Stars Divine Deck

Another stunner of an astrology deck, Alejandra Leon’s creation is large and sumptuous with rich collages. Again, there are cards for each astrological sign, the houses, lunar phases and more, along with a lovely, helpful guidebook.


Alice Sparkly Kat Astrology Books

Radical astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat has self-published two brilliant books, both rooted in a hard-left, decolonial, intersectional feminist interpretation of astrology. Astrology and Storytelling is an alternative guide to reading your birth chart and framing your own story via the (decolonised) starts, and Money Magic: Etymologies of Saturn and the Moon offers new tools for working with these foundational energies in anticapitalist, socially-accountable ways.


Earth Pathways Diary & Calendar

Co-created every year by a lovely gang of witches, astrologers and pagans, the Earth Pathways calendar and diary follow the wheel of the year through the turning seasons, offering lunar phases and sun sign changes along with nature notes and meditations. The diary contains more detailed astrological information.


Creatures of the Moon Oracle Deck

This is such a unique and beautiful deck, and one of Little Red Tarot’s best kept secrets – honestly I should talk about it more as I personally adore it. These large cards are double-sided – on one side is the daily lunar phase, on the other, a mythological creature. For each phase and creature, there is a rich and symbolic story, shared in a lovely guidebook. These are wonderful for altar work, meditation, storytelling, and of course as an oracle deck.


Many Moons Lunar Planner

Modern Women’s cult planner returns for 2020, bringing you everything you need to plan your year in tune with the moon. Many Moons contains writings from a fabulous group of witches from across our diverse community – one for each full moon, along with spiritual and self-care tools for use throughout the year. LRT exclusive: You will also receive a download giving lunar dates and times for UK/European time zones.