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The Alternative Tarot Course

Finding our own way with tarot …together


The Alternative Tarot Course is an eight-week online course to develop your personal approach to tarot

If you’ve just got your first tarot deck and don’t know where to start…

If you get your tarot cards out from time to time – but never quite know what to do with them…

If you have a grasp of tarot card meanings, but struggle with actual readings…

If you’re returning to tarot after a break…

If you want to do tarot differently…

If you’re a tarot blogger looking for inspiration…

If you feel that tarot is too straight, too white, too conservative, too heteronormative, too whatever – and would like to reinterpret their cards for yourself…

Or if you simply want to gain more confidence with with your tarot cards…

…this course is for you!

Course cost: $200

Sliding scale options available

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In this course, you will

  • Craft a regular tarot practice grounded in self care
  • Begin to develop your own personal, intuitive approach to the cards
  • Use the tarot to frame and understand the events taking place in your own life
  • Learn to read the stories and narratives in the tarot – especially your stories
  • Get to know the symbols found in your tarot cards and explore what they mean for you
  • Grow your confidence in reading for friends
  • Become a more confident, more intuitive, more you tarot reader

You won’t

  • Be going through the cards one-by-one (there are plenty of books out there you can use for that!)
  • Be learning the meanings from a book.
  • Memorise lists of ‘keywords’

This is all about discovering our own ideas about what each card means, using the cards to frame and understand our own lives, our experiences, our choices.


Welcome Week

The course opens one week before lessons start, so you can check out all the course info and preparatory materials, and meet your classmates in the forum.

1. You & Tarot

In the first week, we’re digging in to what tarot really means to you. We’ll be establishing a daily card ritual, and at the end of the week will do our first reading.

2. The Minor Arcana

This chapter explores the meaning and energy of the four suits of the tarot, alongside the four elements, and we’ll start looking at ways to spot and interpret symbolism in our cards.

3. The Major Arcana

Next we’ll meet the archetypes of the tarot, and explore how the major cards represent and guide us through big life events. We’ll discover the Fool’s journey, and try telling our own stories with these cards.

4. The Court/Face Cards

In this chapter we’ll meet the tarot’s cast of characters, and explore ways to understand the different characteristics of the pages, knights, kings and queens. (We’ll also be matchmaking!)

5. Experimentation & Play

This is an integration week with no theme, just a lot of fun exercises to try. Get creative with your cards, and dig into questions such as reversed cards and predictive tarot.

6. Telling the Story

Moving from interpreting cards individually to reading them in relation to each other is a key skill for tarot readers. In this chapter we’ll work with just a couple of simple spreads and practice finding the narrative.

7. Tarot for Self-Care

Whilst much of this course has already been compassionate tarot practice, this week we’re centring self-care with some simple tools and rituals. We’ll also be reading with the moon this week.

8. Reading Tarot for Other People

In this last learning week we’ll explore reading for others – whether that’s informally for friends and family, or if you’re thinking of doing paid-for readings.

Registration closes Sunday 15th September
Welcome week opens Monday 16th September
Class begins Sunday 22nd September

The Alternative Tarot Course has already guided thousands of tarot lovers into a deeper and more personal relationship with their cards.

I can’t wait to welcome you onto our next journey through the tarot.

Course cost: $200

Sliding scale options available

Register here

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What is the time commitment? How much work is this course?

This isn’t a casual course – it does require you to put aside a few hours each week to create a tarot practice and work through some of the exercises. You have the option each week of a ‘bare minimum’, with plenty of extra exercises for when you have more time.

Can I use any tarot deck?

The best deck to use with this course is one that is fully-illustrated, with plenty of figures or scenes or symbols to read. This is a really visual course, we’ll be doing a lot of looking at cards, so you’ll need to use a tarot deck that has plenty to get into – and one that you really connect with.

Will I get one-on-one support?

No – this is a self-study course, backed up with a friendly community space where you can connect with classmates. I’ll be there too – checking in twice a week to join the conversation and offer general support, but there is no opportunity to work with me privately at this time.

More questions?

Email for help :)