I do less, so I can love more

Little Red Tarot is an experiment in queered anticapitalist commerce.

What might a “shop” be when people are (truly) centred, rather than products?

What might a business be if “enoughness” is the driving intention?

What might it feel like to work in a daily practice of unlearning white supremacy culture?

What might change if we listen only for the truly embodied yes – and no, and disregard the the ‘shoulds’ of performativity and niceness?

Within this shop – and beyond – we seek answers to these questions and others like them. We play and experiment, break rules and make mistakes, plot and scheme and iterate and rebirth this little shop over and over. It is messy and emergent and abundant and full of love.

Our Values

“What are we practicing?”


In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.
– Angela Y Davis

We understand white supremacy as a hierarchical, capitalist system of oppression, and as the dominant culture we live and operate within. We work to understand the many ways white supremacy culture has shaped us as individuals and communities, and commit to uprooting it wherever we find it. As a white-owned business, we know that this begins with our selves.


We will show up to the uncomfortable conversations; we will reach out and call in each other, friends and colleagues. We will listen, read, learn, and share our learnings. We will study and practice abolitionism in all areas of our lives. We will acknowledge and confront the racism in our communities and find ways to partner with others to create change. We will notice and unlearn the behaviours of white supremacy culture in our daily lives.

Regardless of the news cycle, we amplify Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and use/redistribute resources in service of the movement for BIPOC life.

This is a lifelong commitment.


Pursuit of perfection is pursuit of death
Abacus Corvus

We choose showing up and risking failure over hiding in fear. We celebrate the growth that emerges from our mistakes, aiming for a continual, shifting, adapting movement towards alignment.

We fix what we can. We surrender where we must.

We are learning to leave more wiggle room, to fit less in, to rest. Our working rhythms honour menstrual cycles, the seasons of this land, and non-rational shifts in energy and capacity.

We ask for help.


This business is a garden, an ecosystem.

Energy flows; resources flow; care flows between beings and bodies, between creator and vendor and recipient, between burning stars and solid, living earth. We are soil, mycelium, roots, branches.

This space is built of relationships. We would not exist outside of the web of creators and customers and artists and fans and printers and couriers that holds us all together, so we actively invest our energy back into this ecosystem, always seeking ways to support emergent QTPOC magic. We encourage you to do the same.


The queering, the subverting, the challenging of norms. Experimentation. Reinvent everything (but live for faded glamour.) Revel sensuously in the magic of social margins. We are hot pink, non-conforming, chaos of feelings, drag-king-lusting, coming out angst, self-actualisation, dapper buzz-cuts, not gay as in happy, but/and/also, never felt truly seen (until…), chosen family, once was a disco, label-switching, fluid, earnest, gorgeous poet you-got-this you.

Fuck capitalism. We will fight to the last breath in defense of enoughness, yours, mine, ours. We will fight for the margins and the lives we live here, that they never be subsumed, assimilated, consumed. We fight in defense of our whole messy selves. We resist more-more-more – we sell less, work less, move slower, love more.

“Belief initiates and guides action, or it does nothing.”
– Lauren Oya Olamina, in Octavia E Butler’s Parable of the Sower