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Handmade linen tarot bag

Gorgeous, roomy tarot bag in soft, sumptuous Lithuanian linen, handmade in Norwich, UK exclusively for Little Red Tarot.

New colours now in store!

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Bubblewrap Recycling in Mach

Do you live in or near Machynlleth or pass through regularly?Sick of throwing away perfectly good packaging? We can re-use (some of) it! Yes please! :) See pics below for examples! Clean, non-raggedy bubblewrap (small and large bubbles). We cut this into 12″ squares, so pieces smaller than this cannot be used. Air filled pillows. …

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About our packaging

Packaging is a huge deal for online shops, and here at Little Red Tarot we put a huge amount of thought into ours! Our #1 golden rule is: no new plastic From envelopes to padding to labels to tape, we do not use any new plastic in our packaging. We are continually experimenting with compostable …

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