Synergy – Two of Cups


The interaction or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Since this card usually depicts a man and a woman wearing robes and gazing lovingly into each others’ eyes, I nearly shouted with happiness when I found that Marie White had captured the sheer joy of emotional connection, the sublimity of blending energies, the excitement of feeding fire with air, of warming air with fire. Synergy. That’s what this is about.

Two of Cups Mary-el Tarot

Two of Cups, from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White

For me, the Two of Cups is the soulmates card.

More so than The Lovers, more so than the Ten of Cups, *this* is what spiritual partnership looks like. And I’m not sure I’ve even once drawn it in a reading.

It starts with an offering – I offer you my cup, a little taste of my heart and my soul distilled into liquor. Would you share this with me? You hold yours out towards me and I take a long draught, feel my insides warm with the nourishing energy. And all the time channelling the Queen of Cups as described by Submerina: “…she knows that sometimes you offer the cup and the receiver drinks it all greedily; but sometimes – when you offer it to someone worthy – it is a drink that is shared.”

What’s in my cup?

It’s full of love, a love that is practiced, bruised, healed, rich with lessons learned and hope and desire. It’s the essence of my soul, the experience of my heart and all of my wishes for the future. I’m proud of what’s swilling around in there, what’s infusing. I’ve worked hard for it’s confidence and tender generosity.

Despite the focus on the two beings shown on this card, the Two of Cups also points to what is happening within the individual. To be truly loved, deeply treasured and valued highly by others, you must first and foremost strive to create those feelings for yourself. That is, when you work toward loving yourself, you hold your inner spirit in high regard, treating it with deference and deep respect. When you see yourself in this positive light, other people cannot help but respond to your personal sense of value in an equally positive manner.

Biddy Tarot

Why do we offer our cups? It’s a bid to ask someone to understand and love us, truly and for who we are. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about need and dependency. How I’ve spent a lot of my life thinking ‘need’ is a dirty word, that the only person we should truly need is ourselves, that even in the midst of the truest love, there should be no needing. Needing is dependency and dependency is unhealthy. Or something.

I’ve changed my mind.

I know that I’m fine on my own, that I can enjoy my life and live it fully and well. But I also know that to be my very best self, and to experience complete joy and emotional fulfillment, that I need to be making a connection with someone incredible, I need to be sharing life’s journey with another person, I need a sense of partnership to really live the way I want to.


Savannah: Two of Cups in the Kitchen Tarot, by the wonderful Susan Shie


It comes back to synergy.

The chemical, physical, mental, emotional developments that occus when one heart meets another. My heart is one thing, and it’s wonderful, and so is yours. But when the two collide they become so much more than the sum of their parts. There is an explosion, heat and gasses expand, particles fly all over the place and the world is changed. It’s a life force, it’s a fire, and it’s the beginning of a journey.

And everybody sees a funny look in our eyes
cus we know that we already won the sweepstakes prize


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  1. Sheena says:

    This was a very heartwarming interpretation. Thank you Beth! <3
    I remember one time I made a tarot spred and one of things I asked was, if I had some natural talent that I was totally unaware about. This card was the answer I got to the question. I felt very flattered.. ^_^

  2. Michele says:

    I drew this card coming out of a long term relationship, graduating college and planning to move wherever the job market takes me. The only thing that even makes a little sense is that it speaks of my relationship with myself.

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