Queering the Tarot

In this series, tarot reader Cassandra Snow takes us card by card through the tarot, explaining the ways in which each card might be interpreted in terms of LGBTQ experiences.

Queering the Tarot explores themes of sexuality, coming out, gender and gender-queering, sources of oppression and empowerment, and many other topics especially familiar to not-straight folks.

Explore the series card by card, or dive in to a card that feels significant for you.

This series is updated every few weeks. Check back regularly for the latest!

Great news, everyone! This series is getting a nice, shiny refinish and heading to book format through RedWheel/Wieser publishing! It’s slated to be out in early 2019 – keep an eye on the blog/newsletter for updates.

Cassandra Snow (she/her/hers) is a professional tarot card reader, and runs Gadfly Theatre Productions, a queer and feminist theatre company.

She is rooted in Minneapolis, MN but loves traveling for work or play. Her life’s work is on creating safe spaces and transformative experiences for marginalized people from all walks of life. She’s obsessed with deconstructing gender norms, and drinks more coffee in a day than should be legal to consume. She’s been reading cards for over a decade, when she started with a novelty deck in a dorm room basement “just for kicks”, and found a calling. She’s been reading professionally for five years.

To learn more, “like” her at facebook.com/cassandrattp or visit cassandra-snow.com; readings can also be scheduled via her website.