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The Lioness Oracle Tarot


A large, opulent and colourful collage tarot deck, created by Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha.

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Product Description

A gorgeous, opulent and high-quality collage deck, created by Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha. These cut-and-paste images blend galaxies of stars with roaring lions and prowling tigers, colourful roses burst forth from every opening, and classical images are juxtaposed with modern, iconic symbols. This deck is as quirky and unique as it is rich and well-made.

Slightly larger than a regular tarot deck, these colourful, golden-edged cards feel strong and sturdy in your hands, printed on heavyweight 400gsm stock. They are presented in a sturdy, well-made box and accompanied by a small, detailed guidebook which offers not only the card meanings, but astrological correspondences for each card.

“The Lioness Oracle Tarot was collaged by hand, using found paper images. Being that the deck was made through collaging, it has a unique quality. Some of the images are straight forward, while others stretch the imagination. The vivid colors and cosmic connection of this creation invite you to open your third eye, expand your consciousness, and manifest your dreams.”


  • 78 cards, 3.5″ x 5″ with antique gold edging
  • Standard system: 22 major, 56 minor, with regular suits of Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords.
  • 94-page rich and detailed guidebook offering divinatory meanings and astrological correspondences for the cards as well as information on cleansing the deck, centering/shielding/grounding, learning to read reversed cards, and numerology
  • Presented in a sturdy, beautiful lidded box


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