Dark Days Tarot


Tarot cards inspired by dark moon days.

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A black and white, hand-illustrated tarot deck inspired by the phases of the moon. 

Dark Days Tarot was created and illustrated by intuitive artist Wren McMurdo. Wren channeled her connection to the moon and its phases, in congruence with pressing matters relating to the transition from Obama to Trump Presidential eras, in creating these cards. They are an offering to the healing power of darkness.

“Sacred feminine energies and witchy warriors need protection. The Dark Days Tarot Deck is my offering in this regard. It is a garden of possibility in a box, lit by lunar magic. The cards can be read any way the reader desires, and will find lunar influences inherent in their experience. Tarot readers will be romanced by the added mechanics and possibilities of this deck, which give the reader more room to be creative and develop their practice. Upright cards, for example, may point to full moon manifestation, right may be last quarter, left first quarter, and reversed may suggest new moon vibes. These interpretations can be applied predictively or figuratively. A spread at the new moon may lay out the coming lunar cycle in themes and archetypes.”
Wren McMurdo

Read more from Wren on the creation of this deck.

These cards are square, allowing for new patterns of reading and four angles of interpretation. Presented in a sturdy square box, complete with a 180-page guidebook.


  • 78 square, black and white cards
  • 180 page guidebook
  • Presented in a sturdy, custom-made square box


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