I get a lot of emails. Like, really a lot. It’s impossible to stay on top of an inbox as full of wonderful questions, comments and opportunities as mine currently is. I take pride in providing fast, helpful and friendly customer service, but I am just one human person with regular messy ol’ life.

Just so you know!

The best ways to contact me are:

Comment on a blog post. I. LOVE. Comments. So do the other writers on this blog. If you have something to say about anything shared on this site/blog, please use the comment box beneath each post.

Shop-related question? Please take a look my information and terms – all common questions are answered here. Please email for anything relating to orders, shipping, products, and the shop in general.

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Social media. You can follow me on Twitter and the shop on Instagram (both @littleredtarot.) I do not do customer service this way! I am a pretty casual user of these sites. Direct messages will unlikely be noticed, let alone answered – sorry! Email all the way for customer service please.

Join my Bits & Bobs list. Friendly, chatty, angsty emails with tarot news, shop talk, deep thoughts, life updates and fun stuff. As one subscriber put it: “I feel like I’ve joined a club.” She had! You can join too!

Need to talk to me personally? Alrighty then! I’m right over here:

I also ask that you take a quick read of Alexandra Franzen’s email guidelines for the world. These have helped me be a kinder communicator. Maybe they’ll help you, too!