Category: New year

These posts are about the actual new year…or about acknowledging or creating your own fresh start at any time of the year.

New moon reading

I recently shared a spread that I’d created for the last new moon. I needed something to help me get a grip on the changes I was feeling inside me, and manifest my own turning point. It turns out lots of you needed the very same thing. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response, in blog …

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Spring cleaning new moon equinox lunar eclipse!

The first day of spring, a lunar eclipse and a new moon? That’s a lot. A lot of exciting new energy, a great time to begin something, to launch something, to have a good old clear out and feel some fresh new-start clean-slate energy. Here’s a roundup of resources you might want to use on this most auspicious …

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Imbolc, sabbats and moon dates for your diary

Imbolc marks the beginning of spring on the Pagan wheel of the year. It’s the first festival – or ‘sabbat’- of 2015. Awareness of the wheel of the year and the eight sabbats is helpful when reading tarot – particularly for those who lean towards Pagan tarot decks and card interpretations. I wanted one simple place to …

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Happy birthday! A present for you

A collage showing tiny star, moon and sun cards, lightening bolts leaping out of an anatomical heart, a black woman holding a large key, three biblical-looking characters sitting on the ground talking and the words we love you repeated twice. At the bottom is a mountain range and a lake, with a cut-and-paste boat with paper windmills for sails, and the words 'crossing the deep red sea'. The whole collage is stuck onto a piece of ragged musical manuscript.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! So I made you a present. It’s a collage! About you and me and us and how I want to have fun with you guys this year. Here it is: Why a tarot collage? It started with a post on Papirmass – an affordable art project which connects people and artists …

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Winter solstice and a new moon

This one is for Danielle. 21st December is Winter Solstice – and also a new moon night. It’s the shortest day of the year, and there will be no moonlight. It feels like a blank canvas, and a perfect time to celebrate new year. To make resolutions, to look ahead to lengthening days, more daylight, …

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