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Temperance be my guide

Suddenly, as a person who’s life has become incredibly single tracked, and as someone who wants to bring variety, creativity and, yes, the elusive concept of balance back into her life, Temperance is looking pretty damn good.

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However I damn well please – Nine of Pentacles

I’ve been making some changes to the way I work lately. After a strange summer of shifting emotions and a feeling that I’d lost myself somewhere along the way, and the unfamiliar experience of simply allowing those shifts to happen rather than leaping to articulate or capture them, September brought clarity, and a climax. In …

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Your to-do list – Eight of Wands

Powerful, energetic, direct, and full-on. The Eight of Wands represents a bunch of different things to me, all of which feel really relevant today. NB – I’m excited to have drawn today’s card from The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro – hot off the press, this stunning new deck arrived last night and …

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Soul work: Knight/Son of Pentacles

Here’s one of the hardest-working cards in the tarot deck. The Knight of Pentacles – like the other knights – is obsessive about their suit. Where the Knight of Swords could be fixated on a grudge and the Knight of Cups is a dreaming romantic, the Knight of Pentacles has signed up for some seriously …

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Are you a tarot reader? Looking for a website?

web design for tarot readers

I’m your gal. Four Elements Web Design is my other big passion besides tarot – this is the place where I get to geek out with creative women and work with them to create beautiful, brilliant online homes for their businesses. I even have a special package just for tarot readers. If you’ve been thinking about taking …

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Finding new ways of working

I have a web client at the moment who is really speaking my language. I mean, all of my clients are wonderful – I don’t work with people I can’t get on with. But this project…is really something else. Amy is a holistic business development coach, and right now, I’m building a website for a …

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