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Wherein I share the fascinating details of my life and a list of lovely things to read, gathered for your delectation from around the web. Last Saturday of every month.

Weekend reading + an astrologer to watch out for

This was the week of Getting My Shit Together. Because, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been kind of a wreck. Things like having no running water or stove (i.e. heating) on the boat, my back still hurting from a slipped disk and a serious attack of procrastination really gave me the feeling that …

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Weekend reading + tiny getaway therapy

When Em first started her apprenticeship up in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, I had a heavy heart. We’ve spent so much time apart in the past year, I really wasn’t up for three more months of it. But it’s turning out pretty damn cool, since I now get to head beyond the border every couple of …

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Weekend reading + seven days of treats

It’s September! Oh my goodness. My favourite time of year is fast approaching, and as the autumn chill starts to creep in in the mornings and evenings, I can feel a sense of excitement building. I’m looking forward to getting my boat stove going once again, to misty mornings and falling leaves, setting intentions, reflection …

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