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Posts that discuss gender, sexism, cissexism and feminism.

Looky-look! The Celebrity Goddess Tarot is here!

You know how you love tarot? And goddesses? And also (maybe secretly, maybe loud and proud) celebrities? Well, guess what? There’s a Celebrity Goddess Tarot! Ho yes. And here it is: It’s a majors-only deck, and our esteemed goddesses of the major arcana are: 0 the fool: Britney Spears i the magician: Yoko Ono ii the high …

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They call it way too rowdy, we call it finally free

GayBiGayGay is a one day queer family reunion that takes place every year in Austin, TX. It’s held on the last day of a monolithic hipster-fest you may have heard of called South by Southwest (scroll right to the bottom for some thoughts on SXSW, consumerism and queer representation at music festivals.) I think these pics can speak …

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