‘The Bridge’ tarot spread

A while back, a tarot friend showed me a spread he had designed called ‘The Bridge’.

I wanted it today, but could I find it anywhere? Of course not! So I created my own version. Shoutout, therefore, to David Wooton of Haworth who made the original Bridge tarot spread that inspired this one!

The idea here is that the spread takes you on a journey – a journey you are part-way along.

The querent is at the high point of the bridge – position 4 – where they have a very interesting view. From here, they can look backwards over the way they’ve come, they can see the journey so far and shore they have left behind. Then, turning forwards, they can also see the steps ahead, and their destination – the shore on the other side.

The Bridge tarot spread
The Bridge tarot spread

Here are the card positions, laid out in an arch upwards from 1 to 4, then down the other side to card 7:

1. What you have left behind

2. The hardest lesson you learned

3. Something that helped you

4. The high point – where you are right now, looking back and looking forward

5. The next step

6. Something that will help you

7. Your destination: the new shore

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    • Beth
      Beth says:

      Great! Yes – I find that this has become my favourite spread, it’s so useful to place a querent at a mid-point/vantage-point/turning-point like this. I use this spread for a *lot* of my client readings.

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