Write for Little Red Tarot

Got something special to share with the Little Red Tarot community?

We are an lively, active and engaged community of tarot lovers and learners and other witchy folks who are interested in exploring their cards, connecting with their spirituality and healing, learning about themselves, discovering new tarot decks and tools, and having fun with tarot, astrology, spellwork and more.

We love sharing alternative perspectives on tarot and related topics, challenging mainstream or traditional ideas about tarot, and centring voices that are typically marginalised. In particular, we have a large LGBT and queer-identified community and Little Red Tarot wears it’s ‘LGBTQ + allies’ badge visibly and with great pride. We are always actively seeking more writing from people of colour.

Submissions may cover a whole range of topics.

Though this blog began life as a tarot blog and that remains our central focus, we share posts on a wide variety of ‘woo’ and witchy themes!

For example:

  • Tarot, tarot decks, tarot cards, tarot spreads, tarot history, tarot tips, tarot tools…you get the idea! We really love offering practical how-to posts to help folks develop their tarot practice.
  • Feminist, queer and radical-leftist ideas about/approaches to spirituality, healing, tarot and woo.
  • Tarot and social activism
  • Interviews with tarot community people you know
  • Creative projects using tarot and/or the above
  • And more (this is not an exhaustive list, just a few ideas!)

Are you looking to promote your in-progress tarot deck, Kickstarter, etc?

We’re most interested in reinterpretations of tarot that centre marginalised people and/or feminist and other social justice principles. Please take the time to explore this site and our aims, political leanings, readership and the type of projects we feature before getting in touch. Note that we get a lot of requests to promote or feature new deck projects, so please don’t be offended if we can’t share yours.

Want us to review your published deck or book? Read this.

We are also interested in:

  • Astrology
  • Lunar cycles/moon vibes
  • Herbalism (medicinal, magical, intuitive…)
  • Magic, spells and witchcraft
  • Paganism, Wicca and other forms of religion/spirituality including and especially DIY practices that don’t belong to any established tradition.
  • Lenormand, oracles, runes and other forms of divination
  • Self-care, health and wellbeing (especially non-binary/non-gendered writing, or from other marginal perspectives)
  • Personal, thought-provoking or entertaining essays on how tarot intersects with your life
  • Useful articles about running your own ‘spiritual’-type business
  • Interviews with or features of folks doing special things in the field of magical wellbeing

We’re especially looking for writing from:

  • People of colour
  • Trans people
  • Gender nonconforming people
  • People living with disability and/or chronic illness
  • Neuroatypical people
  • People living in countries other than the US, UK and northwest Europe
  • Other marginal spaces

We’re not looking for…

  • Cliched writing about general wellbeing topics.
  • ‘Standard’ tarot stuff that is already all over the web. This is a niche website. Get to know this niche before you submit (it’s cosy and special!)
  • Sales pitches.
  • Sponsored posts.
  • Anything sexist, racist, heteronormative, misogynist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic (including overly-gendered or essentialist writing). If you’re not sure, ask!

If you are a generic content manager or creator of “well-researched content to fit your audience’s needs” please do not get in touch – your email will be marked as spam.

How to submit:

Email your pitch to: info@littleredtarot.com.

We receive a large number of submissions and work part time. Please allow plenty of time for us to get back to you!