Want us to review your tarot deck or book?

We’re looking to review and share items that we really love! Our aim is to inspire readers and showcase decks and books that we think they will like. So if we don’t think your deck or book is a good fit, we won’t slam it or write a negative article, we just won’t review it!

To avoid wasting anyone’s time, take a moment to familiarise yourself with Little Red Tarot. You’ll see that our angle is about inclusivity, diversity, alternative approaches to tarot and spirituality, and promoting views from the margins. We get excited about decks and books created by folks outside of the mainstream, self-published items, decks and books that feature diverse characters or concepts, or that add something new and special to the world of tarot.

Our reviews are honest. We don’t do gushing in exchange for free decks or books, or for payment. If we agree to review your deck or book, you’ll get the reviewer’s honest and thorough impressions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email us: Tell us a bit about your deck or book, what makes it special, why do you think Little Red Tarot is a good place for it to be featured. Please respect that we are busy people and keep you email brief and to-the-point. If possible, link to a web page that gives further information.
  2. We’ll email our team and ask if anyone wants to check your item out.
  3. If so, you post the item direct to the reviewer (you pay postage.)
  4. The reviewer checks out your item, and will then decide whether or not to carry out the review.
  5. If they go ahead, you can expect the review to be published within six weeks.

Please note that we get a lot of requests from writers and deck creators and we can’t review everything we are emailed about or sent. Sending an item does not guarantee that it will be featured.


What happens if you don’t like my item?

Our reviews are honest, but we we’re not interested in publishing negative reviews about items we don’t love. If our reviewer doesn’t like your item, they may pass it on to another member of the team to review, or simply decide not to review it.

What happens if I’m not happy with the review?

If something in the article is factually inaccurate, contact us right away so we can make things right.

If it’s just that you don’t agree with the reviewer’s opinion, well, that’s how it goes! You’re totally welcome to add your own views or add further information in the comments section.

I want someone specific from the LRT team to review my deck. Is this possible?

Maybe! Let us know. We’ll see what they say.


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