Author: Cassandra Snow

Columns: Queering the Tarot, which looks at LGBTQIA+ -specific interpretations of tarot cards.

Cassandra Snow (she/her/they/them) is a professional tarot card reader, writer, and theatre artist. Cassandra is one of two artistic directors for Gadfly Theatre Productions in Minneapolis, MN. She is an arts writer and reviewer at, an online LGBTQ+ newspaper. They has been reading tarot for a decade and a half, professionally for almost half of that.

Cassandra is rooted in Minneapolis, MN but loves traveling. Her life's work is on creating safe spaces and transformative experiences for marginalized people from all walks of life. She's obsessed with deconstructing gender norms, and drinks more coffee in a day than should be legal to consume.

To learn more, “like” her at or visit; readings can also be scheduled via her website.

Queering the Tarot: 16. The Tower

The Tower tarot card, from the Kitty Kahane Tarot

The Tower can indicate that you are meant to change this world for the better, building strong networks of support for those who need them, living authentically as a leader in their queer community, and creating change wherever they go.

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